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Improve your day with positive self talk and affirmations

“Be kind and generous to yourself.” Written on a small lavender card. It’s all I have left. Recently one of my mentors died. A colleague, a mentor, a wise, wise woman. She died at the hands of a sadistic killer. A killer with a preference for people in their thirties that ends their misery with

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Art for the Soul

Soul Card Collage is a sacred creative process to bring understanding and healing to the Self and the Soul. All that is required is trusting our intuition, our inner wisdom. Each Soul Card we create reflects an aspect of our essence. It is a simple collage process everyone can do. We can use the imagery

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Re-Wilding Retreat 14-16 June 2019

Women’s Re-Wilding Retreat One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is time for presence and connection.  I’ll be co-facilitating an sacred women’s retreat on June 14-16.   Over the weekend you will nourish your senses through nature connection, rejuvenate your body with specialty yoga sessions, awaken your creativity through art therapy, embrace ritual and sacred celebration, and have time for quiet reflection and

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