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Seen but not Heard

Jane Caro’s gripping new novel, The Mother, is a suspenseful examination of domestic violence and a court system that fails to protect. In one scene, Caro describes a husband using an open-handed chokehold that leaves no marks. As I raced through her pacy novel, part of me hoped this revelation regarding strangulation technique didn’t fall

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Yoga Flow for Writers!

Begin with the (Plot) Twist Pose Consider Bound and Half-Bound versions – (are you planning to be traditional or indie published?) The Hero’s (Journey) Pose is recommended for every writer type Enter Warrior Pose (excellent for fantasy writers and historical fiction authors) Relax into Corpse Pose (particularly good for mystery writers – but a corpse

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Re-Wilding Retreat 14-16 June 2019

Women’s Re-Wilding Retreat One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is time for presence and connection.  I’ll be co-facilitating an sacred women’s retreat on June 14-16.   Over the weekend you will nourish your senses through nature connection, rejuvenate your body with specialty yoga sessions, awaken your creativity through art therapy, embrace ritual and sacred celebration, and have time for quiet reflection and

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