Yoga Flow for Writers!

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  1. Begin with the (Plot) Twist Pose
  2. Consider Bound and Half-Bound versions – (are you planning to be traditional or indie published?)
  3. The Hero’s (Journey) Pose is recommended for every writer type
  4. Enter Warrior Pose (excellent for fantasy writers and historical fiction authors)
  5. Relax into Corpse Pose (particularly good for mystery writers – but a corpse will perk up most stories)

Research has demonstrated yoga helps with creativity, boosts the immune system, aids with productivity and clarity, as well as improving flexibility and posture after hours hunched over a hot computer. When I am stuck in a plot hole, or my writer’s voice has grown hoarse, I roll out my mat and enter another realm, where my overly busy mind is invited to witness the sensations of simple movements and to focus singularly on breath.

I was in Year Four at school, when yoga and writing came into my life. Under strict direction from Miss Davis, all terrifying four feet and eleven inches of her in high heels, I penned my first short story about a herd of happy ponies. That same year, I begged my Mum to pick up a paperback on yoga at the Super Valu checkout stand, and my love of yoga was kindled. I wasn’t an expert or even proficient at either writing or yoga for years to come, but the light for both had been ignited in my nine-year-old heart.

Decades have passed, and I am only now an emerging writer with publication and awards creating a slim resume. And I’m grateful that yoga practice has also stuck with me all these years. Yes, the benefits of asanas support me to remain mobile after hours at the desk, but as importantly, yoga helps to cultivate a spirit that is resilient for writing.

I can attest that it’s true, writers usually cope with rejection as part of their “write of passage”.  A morning meditative practice and an evening asana flow assist me to literally shrug off the impact of the latest disappointment and remain in the equilibrium of the present moment. At least, some of the time.

Writers’ Yoga Flow: turn on your computer, roll out your mat, and try out “The Corpse” – a remedy for tired minds and fiction.

Inspiring Resources

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