Daring to live more creatively…

Welcome to my online home, The Creative Remedy, a website dedicated to healthy well-being,  creative musings, mindfulness tips, art therapy explorations, inspirations for trauma recovery, and news on the writer’s way including upcoming book launches.

But first, let’s start with an intro…

I’m Shannon Anima, writer and creative therapist, working in Australia, Canada and the US. I’m inspired by the dynamic interactions of self-art-connection which lead to wellness and recovery. Daring to live more creatively!

Join me in a journey of imaginative medicine, healing, and insight into the creative process and dare to live a more creative, courageous, connected life!

Read my complete Author bio here. Or start browsing The Creative Remedy: a collection of articles, thoughts on creativity, art therapy tips and book reviews.

Upcoming Book

It’s been a long time coming but watch out for my upcoming novel The Running Game | A fast paced contemporary novel about a woman chased by her past from Vancouver to Rio, evading private investigators, pirates and a military coup in Panama, to find herself with bigger problems in Brazil. If you’re interested in release dates, sign up to my newsletter and if you’re a potential publisher, I’d love to hear from you.

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