Shannon Anima is an Australian writer with roots in the Pacific Northwest of North America. For over two decades, she worked as a compassionate psychotherapist with children and adults affected by interpersonal trauma and violence. She also worked as a sailor, clown, yoga teacher, horse wrangler, artist, and was fired as a housepainter – only writing was left.

Her writing won a WestWords Academy place, a Varuna WestWords writer’s residency, a Dentro la Terra residency, the University of Victoria Poetry prize, and was shortlisted for awards including the Deborah Cass Prize, the Tasmanian Women Writers’ Award, and the Mascara Varuna writers residency.

She is currently pitching her completed novel, The Running Game, to agents and publishers. The Running Game is a page-turning contemporary fiction novel about Sophia, a vulnerable young mother and her daughter, Ruby, who flee abuse, crossing borders and oceans from Canada to Brazil seeking safety, and encountering cannabis nuns, Mexican mafia, a calamitous cat, pirates, caymans, a military coup in Panama, and unexpected romance.

Meantime, she is editing The Lotus Seekers, a sequel in the Green & Black mystery series, and The Furnaces, a poignant and funny coming-of-age story set in a smelter town. Watch for the first chapter published in The Saltbush Review, calling it “a wonderful read“.

Shannon is available for workshops on writing, creativity, and the arts, and is an inspiring speaker. Her blend of mindfulness, creativity, humour, and healing gets to the heart of authentic well-being.

Seeking a literary agent & publisher

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