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Yoga Flow for Writers!

Begin with the (Plot) Twist Pose Consider Bound and Half-Bound versions – (are you planning to be traditional or indie published?) The Hero’s (Journey) Pose is recommended for every writer type Enter Warrior Pose (excellent for fantasy writers and historical fiction authors) Relax into Corpse Pose (particularly good for mystery writers – but a corpse

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Smashing Memoir: Eggshell Skull

Bri Lee speaks out for a Culture and Court System of Justice for Survivors of Sexual Assault At the Sydney Writer’s Festival, a full theatre listened to Bri Lee, author of the memoir Eggshell Skull. Bri opened with these words, “I’m haunted by how many women don’t have everything I had. Are not so patient

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Of Chocolate and Freedom

A book review | The Beast’s Garden by Kate Forsyth This weekend, I’m in an imaginary Berlin, curled up with Kate Forsyth’s delicious novel, The Beast’s Garden. It’s my favourite of her fiction so far, but as she’s the prolific author of some 33 and counting works of fiction, I reserve the right to change

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