Women’s Circles and tuning in to wisdom

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Women’s Circles from the sixties

My first introduction to women’s gatherings was in the sixties when my groovy aunt, the one with a Corvair and leopard print coat, took me to a Women’s Festival in the Slocan Valley, Canada. Mind-blowing for a Catholic girl with a lopsided fringe, three brothers, and a hockey card collection.

Women were singing about a revolution, they were bra-less and topless, dancing and earnest, sharing herbal lore and red wine, and having a noisy exuberant good time. Not a man in sight. Since that first taster, I’ve attended gatherings of women in several countries, sung in tipis and sweat lodges, blessed births, shared mother-daughter passages, held wakes and held hands.


I love a celebration of all sorts and all genders. A raucous shindig or quiet sitting in good company are equally a spiritual balm. But the connection and liberation of being sans men is a revelation. Women are bolder, they dig deeper, laugh louder. I need women’s circles and women’s wisdom in my life to lead me home to where we cycle with the moon, we bleed, tell truths, trust, and with our feet and voices, we honour the wisdom and the wild of women.

If you too long for deep sisterly connections, and to find the freedom and authentic essence of your inner wise woman, join us at The Women’s Re-Wilding Retreat, in Wentworth Falls, in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. You’ll have ample opportunities for connection and solitude as you wish. Be nurtured by fabulous vegetarian and vegan food, yoga with your moon cycles, mindfulness practice in panoramic nature, and a soul journey with shamanic art, 14-16 June 2019, at the Happy Buddha Retreat Centre with Living Flow Yoga.

Bring comfortable clothes and togs too. A journal and a good book (and your bra) are optional.


Useful Links

https://www.happybuddharetreats.com.au/ (Happy Buddha Retreat)

https://yogaashfield.com.au (Living Flow Yoga)

https://www.yogajournal.com/teach/start-your-own-womens-circle (Yoga-inspired Women’s Circles)

https://www.wellandgood.com/good-advice/womens-circle-history-ancient/slide/2/ (history of Women’s Ritual)



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